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The Sales Enablement Guru

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Project Moneyball is a strategic consulting service run by Avner Baruch, a certified Sales trainer and B.Eng' With Honors in Electrical Engineering & Physics (Coventry UK, Max Planck France).

Avner Baruch has built and led Sales Enablement functions from the ground up for leading SaaS businesses such as Imperva-Incapsula, Tufin, Sisense, WalkMe, Transmit Security, Rapyd and more.

Throughout his career Avner Baruch has expanded his responsibilities beyond the traditional sales enablement perimeter, blending in Engineering skills and out of the box thinking.


Avner Baruch sees Sales Enablement as a leading and strategic role, allowing business owners and leadership to take strategic decisions by complementing the traditional WHATs derived from the CRM with answers to WHYs and WHENs.

Avner Baruch's holistic approach addresses every aspect of the journey from Lead through Sales to Expansion and back.


By reverse-engineering this flow Avner Baruch proposes a new approach where Data-Driven Book of Business can improve ICP, conversion rates, sanitized pipeline, reduce churn and increased NRR.

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