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Are You Replicating Success

Or Nurturing

Bad Habits?


Project Moneyball is a sales enablement  methodology and Service-Stack formulated for Sales Trainers and Leaders who seek an advice and new angles for an effective onboarding & scaling their sales ecosystem. 


To expand your business and hyper-grow your sales torque, most business evolve from relying mainly on non-Trainers to train new hires and existing team members into a system and program with a dedicated enablement approach.



Avner Baruch, CEO & Founder Of

Project Moneyball Sales Enablement Methodology


How It All Started

Everyone has dreams.

Mine wasn't common nor traditional. 

My dream was simply to engineer my own system and thus help the entire sales ecosystem move efficiently across the journey from Lead To Cash To Renewal.  

Back in 2019 as I was watching Brad Pitt's Moneyball it then struck me -


Why are we relying mainly on our CRM/BI to measure success? Perhaps there’s something we’re missing or even worse - we don’t know actually what we’re missing? 


Looking at CRM numbers is essential of course, but it does not explain the WHYs & WHENs….

A few minutes later I paused the movie and immediately started to take notes and drew a few schemes that would later turn into “Project Moneyball”.

"Avner, Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with our community! Looking forward to working together in the future. The Sales Enablement PRO team".

Shawnna Sumaoang, 

Senior Director at Sales Enablement PRO

"Avner Baruch is not your average sales enablement practitioner.

He fixes what's broken and doesn't stick to the rules. He has developed an approach he based on Moneyball to drive Sales Effectiveness over sales efficiency".

"Traditional sales methodologies just don’t make the cut...Understand how to utilize revenue intelligent strategies to drive new revenue and enable sales teams to have new, unbridled power to their ability to build relationships and exceed expectations".

Rob Turley

Co-Founder & Co-CEO Of White Rabbit