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Bespoke Revenue Intelligence & GTM Consulting

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Your Sales  Ecosystem

To Full Effect

Before Making Investment Decisions

Most leaders tend to succumb to the default approach of resolving performance issues with additional investment in tech, staffing, and processes across newly added apps. Given the current economic climate and emerging new technologies with new promises to improve outcome, you may be wondering whether you should make similar changes to your sales ecosystem or customer lifecycle to improve certain areas in your current status quo. While we can’t tell you how to manage your sales ecosystem during a volatile market, we are here to give you the tools to make an informed and data-led decision. Before you embark on any change management project, consider this: Sit down and take an honest look at your entire customer lifecycle, especially if you’ve never done this before. The first step to successful investing is figuring out what works, what doesn’t work, why and when (X-Ray your entire ecosystem). There is no guarantee that you’ll improve your ROI from your new investments (tech, staff, etc.), but if you put together an intelligent plan based on your current status quo, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of managing your current ecosystem to full effect or at least - be in a better place using your existing resources.

X-Ray Your Ecosystem

Performance Analysis



Secret Sauce, ICP & TOFU

GTM & Strategy

Customer Experience

Sales Methodologies

Qualification Criteria

Selling Systems

Market Research

Coaching & Mentoring

Enablement Collateral

Remove those hums & buzzes from your customer lifecycle

Replicate success & shave off performance hiccups

Build a scalable & repeatable system

Avner Baruch Owner & Consultant of Project Moneyball

Avner Baruch, Founder & Owner

Developing Bespoke Selling Systems Since 2009



65 Countries
World Wide
Globally Experienced

600+ Reps
Onboarded, Enabled,
Coached & Mentored

Sales Methodologies

Sales Enablement

As A Service

Product Marketing

As A Service

CS Enablement

As A Service

& Early Starters

Hire, Sustain & Scale

TOFU Optimization & Pipeline Management

Customer Success
Account Management

Crystallize your Product-Market Fit, close in on your Buyer-Personas, investigate their true pains and needs, catch up on the latest competitive landscape and re-define your GTM.

Use field proven best practices, blueprints & frameworks, ask the right questions, build effective Onboarding programs, maintain selling competencies with unique Ongoing programs, create impactful GTM Messaging for Inbound & Outbound, and more.

Run a Deep-Dive Business Analysis across all revenue teams (MOPS, Sales, CS/AM), identify bottlenecks, blind spots and hidden stages, surface technology friction, measure the impact of reps' performance hiccups, optimize your TOFU with a unique approach to Lead Scoring, crystallize your ICP based on Book of Business, and more.

Improve your Pareto, identify your Top Rev Contributors, develop a predictive churn formula, transition from traditional SaaS to a consumption-based model and more.

Are You Funneling Leads Into An Unhealthy Journey?

Feels like your Revenue teams are lagging behind?

As the business grows, the need to identify  performance hiccups and achieve operational excellence becomes business critical...

You need to replicate what works while eliminating the areas that don’t work.

Where do you start?

Performance hiccups or reps lagging behind their quota - these common scenarios are not necessarily due to  selling skills or behavioral issues. When you hire top performers but they fail to perform, in most case the reasons reside within the ecosystem, your selling system and implementation of your Customer Lifecycle journey.



Project Moneyball is a strategic consulting service run by Avner Baruch, a certified Sales trainer and B.Eng' With Honors in Electrical Engineering & Physics (Coventry UK, Max Planck France). ​Avner Baruch has built and led Sales Enablement functions from the ground up for leading SaaS businesses such as Imperva-Incapsula, Tufin, Sisense, WalkMe, Transmit Security, Rapyd and more. ​Throughout his career Avner Baruch has expanded his responsibilities beyond the traditional sales enablement perimeter, blending in Engineering skills and out of the box thinking. Avner Baruch sees Sales Enablement as a leading and strategic role, allowing business owners and leadership to take strategic decisions by complementing the traditional WHATs derived from the CRM with answers to WHYs and WHENs. ​ Avner Baruch's holistic approach addresses every aspect of the journey from Lead through Sales to Expansion and back. By reverse-engineering this flow Avner Baruch proposes a new approach where Data-Driven Book of Business can improve ICP, conversion rates, sanitized pipeline, reduce churn and increased NRR.



Gadi Goldstein,

Founder and CEO, QualiFinch

"As the founder of QualiFinch, my journey is enriched by meeting exceptional individuals like Avner Baruch (B.Eng'), founder of Project Moneyball. We had an engaging conversation about revolutionizing the sales world with innovative ideas. Avner's work at Project Moneyball is particularly impressive, bringing a fresh, data-driven approach to enhancing sales performance. For anyone interested in transforming their sales strategies, I highly recommend visiting Project Moneyball. Their approach to sales optimization is not only innovative but also highly effective. Engaging with thought leaders like Avner inspires us at QualiFinch to continuously innovate. We're excited to integrate these learnings to further enhance our Salesforce app and redefine sales methodologies!".

Gal Aga,

CEO, Aligned

"When my partner (Gal Deitsch) and I decided that we want to make a change & create an impact for both sellers and buyers, we knew it had to be something else. Last thing we wanted was to introduce another better looking package of an existing sales app or tool. In order to change the game, we knew that we needed to evolutionize the buying experience. In order to fine-tune our Product-Market Fit, we met with Avner Baruch (Project Moneyball) to pick his brain and study his perspectives in these areas. Thanks to Avner Baruch’s holistic approach and vast experience gained from within the “Enablement Trenches”, we were able to visualize the core needs and pains for both the seller and the buyer through every milestone and step in the buying journey and develop our MVP accordingly".

Eldad Postan-Koren,
Co-founder and CEO, 

"Avner has been helping us developing our GTM during the very early steps, his holistic approach and broad familiarization  in the areas of sales and marketing has helped us to close in on our ICP and MVP".

Eyal Tocker, VP Sales.

"Building a new sales org from the ground up and disrupting a red ocean of alternative solutions requires extra focus, attention to details and great talents to partner with. Back in the days of Imperva, I needed someone to step in and help me build a new onboarding program & GTM messaging from the ground up for our sellers and partners. Avner waded into the new waters of CDN & WAF fast and productively. Thanks to his contribution and unique blend of skills (Sales & Engineering), Avner bridged between Product, Marketing and Sales and ensured that Sellers with zero tech understanding would be able pitch the values of our complex layered portfolio. Altogether, Avner helped us to grow our business globally across our various sites in the US, EMEA and APAC with tailored enablement content, processes and coaching".

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