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Why Sales Leaders and Ops need more than CRM Data

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

A pandemic-induced downturn (or any other financial crisis) typically introduces dramatic changes in our market landscape and our ability to sell into it. Similar to the 2008 recession, the financial crisis allowed many SaaS businesses to shine where others simply succumbed to the downturn.

Today COVID’s downturn can well serve as a boon for B2B entrepreneurs and startups – the trick is to probe, adapt and act fast. To achieve successful adoption and strategic agility we need data, or better said - we need to become more data-driven. When it comes to the Sales Ecosystem, data in most cases means CRM extract. If traditional approach & CRM data would make the cut, there would be no need for additional revenue intelligence technologies such as,,, Outreach, and other great tools. So why do Sales Leaders, Sales Ops and Enablement introduce more technologies into their Sales Tech Stack? The answer goes back to the fact that today’s Sales is not just a game of numbers anymore. The Sales workplace and ecosystem are transitioning into a more digital and analytical environment, and some researchers even foresee the death of the B2B Selling methodology as we know it today, as a side effect of COVID quarantine. To accomplish agility and consequently hyper growth in a very complex and competitive space, Sales Leaders together with Sales Ops need to adapt accordingly to a new approach which yields a broader idea of what works and what areas may require improvement. When decision-making processes are based mainly on CRM numbers, we are actually looking at a one-dimensional and flat presentation of our sales performance. This merely explains the baseline:

  • How much we're losing because of competition

  • What is the sale cycle for Team X / Y or Z

  • What does Onboarding Time look like for Team X / Y or Z

  • And so on...

CRM Data does not explain the WHYs. Take the Pareto Principle as an example: Let’s say that based on your CRM reports, you know that 80% of your pipeline is generated by 20% of your team. In other words - 80% of your team is lagging behind or simply under perform. Why? What the CRM data does not explain is the behavioral reasons and conversational patterns that might hold back some individuals or even teams (!). And this is where additional technologies come in and provide out of the box features and benefits that might fill in the gaps and explain the reasons for underperforming. But these are “Out-Of-The-Box” or “One-Size-Fits-All” tools. And this is where & when Project Moneyball comes in. Project Moneyball is a Service-Stack which allows Sales Leaders and Sales Ops to comb the entire Lead-To-Cash-To-Renewal journey and identify dark data and blindspots where out of the box tools and ML algorithms may misinterpret. Project Moneyball comes in when the need for granular diagnosis arises. With Project Moneyball Sales Leaders and Sales Ops are able to complement the traditional CRM data with behavioral & conversational patterns. This 3D non-traditional approach allows decision makers to portray what works and what does not, and most importantly - it bridges gaps which are hidden to CRM and other common technologies.

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