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Entrepreneurs & Early Starters

Project Moneyball enables entrepeneurs during ideationa and other early steps of engineering their product offering.


One of the most difficult challenges for Sales leaders today is to find the right technology that is needed for their sales reps and/or the entire revenue org. The available options are simply overwhelming, whatever the needs is - rest assure there are tens of options to chose from.

Nevertheless, new ideas are being born every day by passionate entrepreneurs with a simple goal in mind - to resolve their own pains resulting from their own selling experience. 
Throughout my extensive work with entrepreneurs, I identified two common challenges:

1. Your passion and Time-To-Market sometimes block you from investing the required time to thoroughly research the entire competitive landscape, by the time you made it to your first milestone, it's too late - you burnt out your investor's cash and got left with a poor Product-Market Fit. Too late to fix that.

2. Great Sales Leaders too often struggle to train their reps. Moreover, the role & responsibilities of Sales Enablement is too often misinterpreted, some perceive it as Content Moderation, some simply confuse it with Product Marketing.

Long story short - if you're planning to develop a new application for the sake of improving sales productivity, collaboration, etc., talk to a professional, study the needs and pains from someone who's spent his entire career in the trenches. 

Project Moneyball enables early starters, leadership and business owners with headcount hiring, sales onboarding and blueprints for scaling their business

Early Starters? Hiring?

CEOs and Sales leaders realize today the importance of establishing a Sales Enablement Function as early as possible. When I joined Rapyd (FEB 2022), I was tasked to build two new functions from the ground up: Sales Ops and Sales Enablement. We were four leaders without reps. We hired them later....


I can assure you, this was not possible 10 years ago nor even 5 years ago. Leaders thought about hiring a Sales Enabler only when the headcount reached ~400 employees or so....


Fortunately today, more and more Sales leaders admit they need a co-pilot, someone to serve as a multiplier, and more importantly -  someone who can engineer a selling system that fits their product and GTM.  

But where do you start from?

How do you hire the right enabler? What are the skills and competencies you need to focus your interview questions on? Is there a blueprint you can replicate? Is there a framework you can follow to save time and money in the early stages?

Already have a Sales Enablement team? Are you leveraging the potential to full effect? There's no point re-inventing the wheel. No one cannot afford it.

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