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Bespoke Revenue Intelligence

Deep-Dive Analysis

Materialize Your Vision

Project Moneyball's unique offering - a Deep Dive investigation of your current status quo across the entire customer lifecycle: from lead through sales to expansion and back. ​Unlike a readymade off-the-shelf Plugin software, Project Moneyball does not "BOX" your needs into a fixed set of characteristics and capabilities;  the effectiveness of our deep dive analysis is derived from the default nature of a BESPOKE service, tailored to your business from the very first engagement to the end. ​The outcome includes a visualized selling motion of hidden steps, bottlenecks, performance hiccups and everything else that slows you down and does not show on your CRM radar. This unique service has been first introduced and practiced back in 2018. Since then, the process and methodology has been improving continuously with an expanding impact & contribution to the business, helping Marketing, Sales, CS and AMs.  ​The project is concluded with a letter of recommendations to empower your business owners and the CEO office to fine-tune your GTM strategy, improve overall productivity and lay the foundations for establishing Operational Excellence across the entire Revenue Ecosystem.



Your Team

Selling it's all about TRUST, hence - it's important we get together and meet in person, build together the framework and agree on the timeline that meets your criteria.


Your Status Quo

Probably the most important step of the project is to examine your current status quo and how your revenue teams are performing today, put simply - what do your KPIs look like today.


Your Goals

This is where you tell us what are your business goals across the entire customer lifecycle. Knowing your roadmap and business goals is essential in order to assess the gaps and submit the letter of recommendations later.



With vast and broad expertise, we have composed unique surveys to interview your revenue teams, your customers (optional) and your customers' customers (optional).


Tapping Into Your Sales Ecosystem

In this step, we're tapping into your selling motion, playbooks and ecosystem, to identify bottlenecks, performance hiccups, hidden stages, and anything else that is hidden from your CRM radar.


Letter Of Recommendations

After careful examination of extracted data, GTM Adoption scores, etc., we submit a letter of recommendations enhanced with actionable insights, to allow your business owners to bridge the business gaps and build a scalable and repetitive selling system.

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