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The following list depicts the depth and versatility of Project Moneyball's areas of expertise and offering.

When contacting us, please let us know which of the following categories resonates most with you.

Design Partner

  • Consultancy for entrepreneurs, newly born start-ups and scaling businesses 



  • Lead Generation, Demand Generation

  • Lead Scoring, Intent Scoring, Readiness Scoring, Lead Enrichment, Lead Generation

Product Marketing

  • Go-To-Market Collateral, Messaging, Playbooks, Sales Presentation, Pitch, Talk Tracks

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Competitive Battlecards

  • Objection Handling

Sales Enablement 

  • Hiring, Interviewing, Assignments

  • Bootcamps, Onboarding & Ongoing

  • Coaching reps

  • Coaching tier 1 managers

  • Scalable & Repetitive Selling System

  • Qualification Criteria (BANT, ANUM, MEDDIC, MEDDPPICC, Gap Selling, Value Selling, Challenger)

  • Prospecting, Inbound, Outbound, Hybrid, SDRs, BDRs

  • Picking the right Sales Stack

  • Blueprints, Framework for establishing a sales enablement function from the ground up 

  • Hiring a Sales Trainer / Sales Enablement Leader / Specialist

Customer Success, Account Management, Expansion, Retention

  • Hiring, Interviewing, Assignments

  • Role & Responsibilities

  • Customer Lifecycle - milestones & handoffs

  • How & when to measure CS KPIs effectively

  • Health Score, Adoption Score, Engagement Score, Risk Score, Churn Score

  • Reduce Churn or Avoid Churn?

  • Data-Driven Book Of Business

  • Regression Analysis - calibrating ICP based on healthier BoB

  • How to avoid the Pareto Principle

  • When to expand? Who to expand? 

Keynote Topics

  • The evolution of the Sales Enablement Role & Responsibilities

  • How Leadership can leverage Sales Enablement to identify friction and replicate success

  • Transitioning Sales Enablement to a Strategic Key Role

  • Revenue Intelligence, Rev Ops and Sales Ops  

  • Building a scalable & repetitive sales

  • How CS can help to calibrate Marketing's ICP

  • How to predict and measure Churn in a consumption-based business

  • How Customer Success can grow revenue with a data-driven book of business

Revenue Intelligence

  • Identifying your Secrete Sauce

  • Identifying areas that introduce friction

  • Non-traditional KPIs and performance monitoring

  • Benchmarking based on conversational analysis (e.g. Gong, Chorus, etc.)

Sales Operations, Revenue Operations

  • Lead Management

  • Opportunity Management

  • Forecasting

  • Comp Plans

  • Measuring sales performance using traditional SaaS KPIs

  • Measuring sales performance in a Consumption-Based pricing model (FinTech, Data, etc.)

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