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Bespoke Revenue Intelligence

By Use Case

Building & Optimizing A Selling System

The implementation of the early stages of the selling system determines the level of execution of the later stages.

Let's be honest - lack of resources, complex sales ecosystem and other growing pains force leaders to become indifferent to the early stages; they either rely on the reps’ skills to qualify in or out, or wait for those Forecasting meetings to find out what worked well and what may require their immediate involvement.  ​When leaders focus their coaching efforts on the later commercial stages, they foster a growing problem with an increasing & negative impact on the business when it expands its headcount and/or GTM. When building & optimizing a selling system, leaders need to adopt their sales methodology to their GTM. A perceptual mistake of the traditional approach is designing a selling system as a one time job. In practice, what needs to happen is continuously updating your selling system as the markets you are selling to keep changing and evolving, your competitive landscape never stays the same, your buyers are more educated and demand more of your product. As a certified sales trainer, I help leaders pick the right sales methodology and engineer the right selling motion that fits their GTM: transactional VS. ENT selling, complex & tech solutions, region-specific or global selling.

TOFU Optimization

If you’re calibrating your TOFU Performance & Marketing Campaigns merely by looking at Conversion Rates, move on - Moneyball isn’t a good fit for conservative leaders. In today’s economic climate and emerging AI-based tech, businesses cannot afford traditional Trial & Errors. In order to survive, sustain and scale their business, leaders must evolutionize the process of fine-tuning their ICP - it has to be faster and more cost-effective. Project Moneyball offers a unique field-proven approach - based on your current book of business we can save Marketing campaigns’ money and allow your revenue teams to move faster with a crystallized ICP, sanitized pipeline and a healthier BoB. Put simply, we reverse-engineer your book of business to generate insights which we later feed back to the very beginning of the selling motion. 

Improving Your BoB

Have you thought about the impact of Low Contributors on your ability to scale? Following the recent economic crisis and the aftermath of COVID, businesses have transitioned their strategy from Growth to Profitability. Amongst the most effective practices to achieve that, businesses need to draw the line and decide which customers are worthy to keep and which customers are not.  ​Project Moneyball offers a unique and field-proven approach to distinguish between Top Revenue Contributors from Low Revenue Contributors. By focusing on customers with stronger capabilities of generating more revenue, your NRR increases over a shorter period of time, allowing your business to expand and unlock pending opportunities.  The outcome not only improves your Pareto, but also helps Marketing to invest their budget where needed, generate higher quality of leads, increase conversion rates and sanitize your Sales’ pipeline.

Transitioning To A Proactive Risk Prevention

Coming soon.

Transitioning To A Consumption Based Pricing

Coming soon.

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