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Bespoke Revenue Intelligence

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Customer Success
Account Management

Any idea how much time & money is wasted on onboarding customers who are prone to drop off? ​ The importance and contribution of CS and AM to sustain the business & expand has never been so crucial before. ​ Project Moneyball boosts CS performance by generating more revenue with a tighter implementation of a Data-Led and proactive Book of Business. ​ 1) Improve your Pareto and > narrow down own your ICP 2) CS empowers your sellers to qualify in and out faster before noise enters your BoB 3) Help your CS reps to transition from a Reactive Problem Solving approach to a Proactive Risk Prevention approach with a unique Predictive Churn Formula Implement a 2D model for measuring adoption & health 4) Manage holistic Operational Excellence across the entire customer lifecycle With these field proven practices, your CS and AM will create a bigger impact on the entire business, help Marketing save Campaign money and empower your sellers to qualify more productively thanks to a sanitized pipeline.

Product Marketing & GTM

Do your reps feel like they’ve got the right Co-Pilot in their back seat? One of the most common challenges for Revenue Organizations is identifying the reasons for which reps are struggling to reach their quota. Surprisingly, Sales Competencies (or selling skills) are not always amongst those reasons. With an extensive mileage of analysis and consulting hours across a vast number of industries and businesses, we have identified that the lack of Sales-Oriented tools & success-based GTM  is the key factor that may lead to success or failure.   Let’s meet for an open discussion to explore new ideas on how to fine tune your ICP, measure GTM adoption and get rid of irrelevant slides….

Sales Enablement

Are you doing more of the same? Or perhaps, replicating success & shaving off friction? Having the right GTM collateral is essential but it’s only the beginning of your journey. Building a scalable & repetitive selling system requires Operational Excellence and Process Orchestration across the entire revenue ecosystem. Once you manage to fine-tune your ICP based on your actual book of business, and compose the right messaging to establish the required buying consensus among your buyer personas, your next step is to measure how your revenue teams are executing your GTM playbooks. Failing to identify performance hiccups proactively can result in loss of revenue and broken trust with your prospects & customers. The required damage control is a time consuming effort which no organizations can afford today.

Revenue Ops
Sales Ops
Business Ops

How long ago has it been since you X-Rayed your Customer Lifecycle? Growing a business comes with growing pains. Sometimes those pains come in the form of redundant steps, sometimes they come in the form of long & tedious workflows. Inevitably, reps and leaders find themselves struggling with digital fatigue, cutting corners, lack of data and inaccurate reporting capabilities.  The same factors and reasons that prevent your business from reaching your goals today, will have a bigger negative impact on your business when you start growing your business (new markets, new products, bigger headcount, etc.). Project Moneyball’s X-Ray Revenue approach involves tapping into your ecosystem, personal interviews and proprietary KPIs & formulas.


Working on the next big thing for Sales? New ideas are being born every day by passionate entrepreneurs with a simple goal in mind - to resolve their own pains resulting from their own selling experience.   The endless and tiring task of adopting to market & tech trends, and fine-tuning your GTM accordingly, can burn out your investors' cash while still lagging behind your soon-to-become-competitors.  ​I have spent my entire career in the Sales Trenches as a Sales Enablement leader, RevOps leader, and Product marketing Leader. I've worked under the Product Team, Marketing and Revenue Teams. Being able to wear those different hats at the same time enables me to provide entrepreneurs with the insights and perspectives they seek to make sure their Product-Market Fit stays on track with a unique competitive edge. Got a game-changing idea? Does it worth another opinion?

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